The Optimize group offers associations, organizations, sports teams and educational institutions as well as coaches, two conferences to optimize your impact and your performance.

Coach Inc.

Team Project

Coach with your personality

A parent's eyes

Parental guidance

Activate a quality motivation

Conference: Generation Z

Coach Inc.

Coach Inc is an original approach in the relationship between people. It is a pragmatic, progressive and psychological method.

The objective of Coach Inc is to teach us to dive into the heart of the different personalities, in their ways of thinking in order to understand what makes each player specific.

Coach Inc reminds us that communication is based above all on human beings. Understanding our own internal mechanisms helps us to communicate and therefore to grasp the difference, know how to accept it, and learn from it. Coach Inc has contributed to significant tangible results within several organizations and
associations. One of its characteristics is its lasting effect on coaches.


Why Coach Inc?

  • Improve the interpersonal skills of coaches.
  • Learn to develop the potential of the individuals on your team.
  • Communicate effectively with the different players on your team.
  • Improves your impact as a leader.
  • Improve the team climate.
  • Understand the personality of others.

A team that understands the world of coaches

Our team of experienced professionals is made up of individuals who are passionate about developing human potential. Our team understands the world of hockey and aims primarily at the development of the people who work there.

Through adapted coaching, training and sports psychology support, we develop the human potential of players and coaches wishing to achieve goals that meet their aspirations.

We distinguish ourselves by our approach that is both human and pragmatic. We believe that sports performance can go hand in hand with personal development.

We support organizations that have the development of a young athlete at heart as much as the development of their human potential.

The objectives aimed

Improve the effectiveness of motivational and mobilization interventions for players through relationship tools.

Know the different potentials and factors of dominant personalities in each player in order to better assess and develop them.

Create a climate conducive to performance. Develop leadership skills adapted to situations and individuals. Favor the implementation of organizational values ​ that create a sense of belonging, efficiency and harmony within the teams.

Team Project

Optimize Sport has developed the Team project, which aims to train coaches and parents to develop more effective methods of communication. Here is a brief description of the project in question.

The Team project is a tool to equip coaches to adapt adequately to the needs of young people of generation Z. Since this generation requires changes in coaching methods, the Team project responds to the need to improve communication, understanding and listening to these young people. Since 90% of conflicts in hockey are due to personality clashes, it is essential to equip them at the relational level. Several resources are available to you to optimize the harmony of your teams and associations.

First, Coach Inc training allows coaches to get to know themselves better and develop their interpersonal relationships, their relationships with players as well as their communication skills.

A conference on parenting in sport is the third element in the Team project. This conference highlights the importance of creating a collaborative environment in order to get players to achieve their goals.

Finally, thirty hours of mentoring allow coaches to be mentored, supported and valued by Optimize Sport intervenants.

Looking forward to working with you!

– The Optimize Sport team

Coach with your personality

This approximately 75-minute conference allows the coach to understand the impact and usefulness of a positive relationship with their athlete.

By participating in this conference, the coach will be able to better understand: 


  1. The importance of the quality of the relationship with the athlete
  2. The impact of our personality in our coaching
  3. Basic needs of the athlete
  4. The different types of feedback and their impact on the athlete
  5. Development of self-knowledge and self-management to perform in coaching

« The eyes of a parent »

The Optimize group offers associations, organizations, sports teams and educational institutions the “Eyes of a parent” conference.

The main objective of this approximately 75-minute conference is to understand the importance of creating a collaborative environment between organizations, coaches and parents in order to effectively support the athlete in achieving his goals.

The conference will also allow parents to understand their role and the impacts of their involvement in their child’s development.

« Parental guidance. How to be successful? »

This 75-minute conference is based on recent studies and demonstrates the impact of the parental environment in motivating young people to participate in sport.

The goal is to empower parents to find the winning recipe for the child’s development and progress.

Speaker: Vincent Huard-Pelletier

« Activate quality motivation »

Studies show that 96% of young people claim that their coach influences their behavior.

This approximately 1.5 hour conference addresses the topic of motivation and how the coach can meet human needs to increase performance.

Speaker: Jean-Michel Pelletier

Conference: Generation Z

Young generation Z athletes are known to be particularly ambitious and curious. For them, the notion of pleasure is drastically different from previous generations. Having fun while practicing their sport is no longer enough.

From now on, young people are highly valued by their progress and performance. They seek to reach higher levels of play and to always be more competitive. More and more young people train all year round. They seek to specialize in their sport at a young age.

Victory matters. All of these elements form a phenomenon known as the professionalization of sport. In order to offer learning techniques adapted to their reality, the coaching styles provide to them must be modified.






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